Arts and Crafts Corner

Ah, so you've discovered my secret! I don't really draw too much 'proper' art but I do like to draw fanart quite frequently. I'll keep this page updated with some of my favourite pieces. If you want to see more, or in a higher resolution, please check out my Tumblr blog where I post much worse stuff more frequently. Enjoy! Oh, and scroll to the bottom if you want to pay me to draw for you. That would be super cool.

The Gallery

Blue the Kingfisher (23/8/2022)

My friend Finn challenged everyone on the Bluescreen forum to make a Sonic self-insert and this is what I came up with. She has weak hydrokinesis which she compensates for with a knowledge of biology and a distinct lack of morals. Her favourite food is fish and chips.

Blazamy LOVE (14/7/2022)

This one was a collaboration - I coloured in the lovely lineart which my good friend Leo drew for me :)

Superboys (18/6/2022)


Listen man I just really like SA2 ok

Meat Circus (3/5/2022)

Psychonauts is one of the games of all time and Meat Circus has to be the most horrible name for a level I have ever heard. If I ever have to do that platforming spiral again it will be too soon.

Mettaton 2000s Edition (14/1/2022)

I think he should be allowed see through casing. As a treat.

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